These are the lecture slides I used while TAing 15-213 in Fall 2013.

All these slides were based on preexisting slides developed by other TAs. However, each week I spent at least three hours modifying the existing slides to my satisfaction.

I regret that I can't give more thorough attribution of the borrowed materials.

3Representing Datapdfppt
4Assembly and Bomb Labpdfpptdemo walkthrough
5Stacks and Buflabpdfppt
6Programming in C & Living in Unixpdfppt
7Cache Lab Implementation and Blockingpdfppthandout
8Midterm Reviewpdfppt
9Processes, Signals, I/O, Shell Labppt
10Virtual Memoryppt
11Malloc Labppt
12Debugging Malloc Labppt
13Proxy: Web & Concurrencyppt
15Final Exam Reviewppthandout