Lukas W. DiBeneditto's Professional Profile at Carnegie Mellon University

My objective is to work on challenging research problems of both scientific and practical importance where my team's results provide novel approaches and unprecedented results. Currently, I am a Research-Option Masters in Science graduate student in Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Carnegie Mellon University and a Bioengineered Organs Initiative Researcher for principal investigator Dr. Keith Cook, Professor, and BME Department Head. My current research is focused on supplemental artificial bioengineered organs to prevent and alleviate human suffering from organ failure caused by disease, trauma, or combat injury. Long-term, my goal is to contribute to regenerative medicine so humans can heal faster, regenerate diseased organs, and regrow amputated limbs. I have a background in computer programming, destructive testing, iterative mechanical design, project management, psychology, public speaking, rapid prototyping, research methods, statistical analysis, and systems architecture.

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