MRSD project - A kitchen robot that peels and slices potatoes and apples.

ExpressCook is the first large robot that I have ever built, as a Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and System Engineer in a four person team.

We decide to work on ExpresCook because we are all cooking enthusiasts, and because we can!! It is also the one-year project for the Master of Robotics Systems Development program - so I built a seperate website recording all that happened along the road. Yeah forgot to mention, I'm also the web manager. This site is built before I take the Web Application class... not fancy but there are concrete contents.

The Link to The Project Website

Demo Video:

Technically you can find all my personal lab reports in the 'Documents' section, named TeamE-llyu-xxx.pdf. A quick summary of my achievements:

  • - System design of the robot, identifying sub-systems, their requirements and initial design. (With teammates of course :))
  • - Mechanical design and manufacturing of the robot. References: Makerbot model; Off-the-shelf mandoline and electric peeler.
  • - UI on Beagle Bone Black, programmed in C++ using Qt.
  • - Improvement of computer vision algorithm and lighting control.

It was an exciting project in nature (A kitchen su-chef robot?! No more prepping?!!), and it marked many 'first times' for me.