About Me

Hi, my name is Lu Lyu. I currently love robots.

To elaborate a little bit, I think actually it is robotics that found me. I was a theoretical (and applied, but almost ignorable) mechanics major undergrad in Peking University, then a software/electronics engineer in my professor's medical device startup for the years before and after graduation. I made the dramatic switch because I felt that concrete and hand-on tasks satisfy me much more than simulations of imaginary interaction between particles. (Well I know mechanics is not all simulations, it could be FUN). That also marked the time when I jumped into the big fat lie of becoming a full-stack engineer.

But apparently robotics loves full-stack engineers! I got admitted into the most incredible program that I have ever seen - Master of Robotic Systems Development at CMU Robotics Institute. Not only did I experience building a robot from scratch, assessing its business value, writing design reviews and business reports all in one year, the fantastic courses here also made me realize why Robotics truly is a emerging discipline. All skills I had before have become the foundation for me to understand the robotic system as a whole and manage a project as interdisciplinary as robotic system development. I found every piece of knowledge that I had worthy. Robotics is too intriguing and challenging for its complexity.