Limin Jia

Research Professor
ECE, Carnegie Mellon University
courtesy appointment at CSD
Affiliated with: CyLab

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I am looking forward to working with motivated PhD students.
Please consider applying to the PhD program in ECE.


Spring 2023: Introduction to Information Security (18-631)
Fall 2022: Introduction to Information Security (18-631)


Fall 2021: Introduction to Information Security (18-631/14-741)
Fall 2020: Introduction to Information Security (18-631/14-741)
Spring 2020: Structure and Design of Digital Systems (18-240)
Fall 2019: Introduction to Information Security (18-631/14-741)
Spring 2019: Browser Security (14-828/18-636)
Fall 2018: Introduction to Information Security (18-631/14-741)
Spring 2018: Browser Security (14-828/18-636)
Fall 2017: Introduction to Information Security (18-631/14-741)
Spring 2017: Browser Security (14-828)
Fall 2016: Introduction to Information Security (18-631/14-741)
Spring 2016: Special Topics in Security: Formal Foundations of Secure Software Security (15-811/18-739M)
Fall 2015: Introduction to Information Security (18-631/14-741)
Fall 2015: Information Security & Privacy (15-421 / 08-731 / 08-761 / 45-885 / 45-985)
Summer 2015: Elements of Browser Security (14-847)
Fall 2014: Introduction to Information Security (18-631/14-741)
Spring 2014: Network Security and Management (18-739/14-817)


I am interested in applying formal techniques to make software systems more secure, either through using language-based techniques to build provably secure software systems, or using formal logic to verify the security properties of (distributed) software systems, or developing formalisms to reason about security and privacy guarantees of software systems in the presence of adversaries.

Recent Publications (full list) (google scholar) (dblp)

PhD students

Former students and postdocs (I advised or worked with closely)

PhD students Darion Cassel (now at AWS) Milijana Surbatovich (co-advised with Brandon Lucia, CMU ECE, PhD 2023; now at University of Maryland at College Park), McKenna McCall (CMU ECE, PhD 2023; now postdoc at CMU), Hannah (Anna)Gommerstadt (co-advised with Frank Pfenning, CMU CSD, PhD 2019; now at Vassar), Miao Yu (advised by Virgil Gligor, CMU ECE, PhD 2019; now at CMU CyLab), Chen Chen (co-advised with Boon Thau Loo, UPenn CIS, PhD 2017),
Postdocs Farzaneh Derakhshan (now faculty at Illinois Institute of Technology), Arthur Azevedo de Amorim (now faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology), Sze Yiu Chau (now faculty at Chinese University of Hong Kong), Willard Rafnsson (now faculty at IT university of Copenhagen), Omar Chowdhury (now faculty at Stony Brook University),
Others Naomi Spargo (CMU SCS, undergrad 2023, now at Galois), Mitchell Yang (CMU ECE, undergrad/MS 2022, now at Green Hills Software), Spensor Yu (CMU ECE, undergrad/MS 2020), Wai Tuck Wong (CMU INI, MS 2020, now Phd student at Singapore Management University), Alina Rath (CMU ECE, undergrad/MS 2020), Stephen Mell (CMU S3D REUSE research intern 2018, now Phd student at UPenn), Radhika Amare (CMU ECE, undergrad/MS 2018),