My recent adventures!!

On Dec 16 Alex and I traveled to India for a Conference. After the Conference we toured the scenic south. Indeed it was a great experience !!!

Alex and me on a boat

19 Dec, '11 We go boating

LotusLiving in a house boat is a dream come true. Never thought it would be so idyllic. As the sun set on the horizon the crimson hue lit up our melancholic minds. The boat was gently rocking and the lullaby of the windy eve chided our lonely souls

21 Dec '11 Up the hill!

It was a hot day. First we went to the the Neyyar dam. Then we went boating in the lake infested with crocodiles..yes indeed it was an adventure. And finally we went up the hill to a mountain resort to the highest peak in the south, atop Mount was a photographer's dream come true.