l u n a r   g a l a

2004 8th Annual Fashion Show
Show Information
  • February 14, 2004
  • Doors open: 7pm
        Show starts: 8pm
  • University Center Gym

    Thank you for attending!
    Hope you enjoyed the show!

    Thistle Set (thanks Elijah!)

    LG Linebacker (coming soon)
    Program 1, 2

  • 2005 Committee

    Congratulations! A list of the committee members can be found here.

    2004 Soundtrack

    2004 DVD

















    2005 Lunar Gala Committee:

    Co-Producers: Engly Chang and Michelle Kim
    Backstage Coordinator: Rigardo Rush
    Design Coordinator: Grace Li
    Entertainment Coordinator: Khalil S. Snell
    Public Relations Director: Lily Cho, Madoka Katayama
    Secretary: Hannah Kim
    Stage Engineer: Patrick Anderson
    Treasurer: Eileen Hwang


















    Positions and Responsibilities:

    •  Producer/Co-Producers
    The Producer/Co-Producers is/are responsible for the entire operation of the show. S/He/They must ensure the show runs smoothly by following up on the responsibilities of all other officers. S/He/They must act as Lunar Gala's liaison to clothing store managers to keep them updated with the progress of the show. S/He/They receive final jurisdiction concerning all matters of the show, unless otherwise noted below. The Producer/Co-Producers should act in the best interests of the executive committee. The Producer/Co-Producers must attend and oversee all meetings, model and dance practices, auditions, and all other Lunar Gala related events.

    •  Backstage Coordinator
    The Backstage Coordinator is responsible for the entire backstage operation of the show. S/He is responsible for teaching models the proper methods of modeling and all choreography. The Backstage Coordinator receives final jurisdiction concerning the choreography of all sections. S/He is responsible for organizing and leading all model auditions and practices. The Backstage Coordinator is second in line of command if the Producer/Co-Producers are unable to complete their duties.

    •  Design Coordinator
    The Design Coordinator is responsible for organizing the interviewing process of potential student designers. S/He must serve as a liaison between the selected designers and the executive committee. S/He must ensure all selected designers are fulfilling their obligations to the show.

    •  Entertainment Coordinator
    The Entertainment Coordinator is responsible for organizing and overseeing auditions for DJ's, voice, masters of ceremony, and all entertainment acts for the show. S/He must ensure all selected entertainers are fulfilling their obligations to the show. S/He must reserve all rooms needed by entertainers.

    •  Public Relations Director
    The Public Relations Director is responsible for publicizing the event by creating posters and flyers for auditions and the actual show. S/He must make tickets and create the layout of the program for the night of the show. The Public Relations Director is also responsible for organizing Lunar Gala's social events. S/He should work the stage engineer to design the atmospheric feel of the room for the night of the show.

    •  Secretary
    The Secretary is responsible for the administrative work of the show. S/He will keep the committee and other student organizations updated on meeting discussions. S/He must reserve rooms for the important practice dates as well as the date of the rehearsal, show, and clean up.

    •  Stage Engineer
    The Stage Engineer is responsible for designing the stage and lighting setup for the show. S/He shall contact the appropriate organizations to provide lighting, audio system, and video production. S/He must work the Public Relations Director to design the atmospheric feel of the room for the night of the show.

    •  Treasurer
    The Treasurer is responsible for all money transactions pertaining to the show. S/He shall keep accounts, deposit the organization's funds with the Accounts Director in the Office of Student Activities, and make expenditures. The Treasurer is also responsible for distributing tickets and collecting payments.