Style Manuals

Part I: Imagine that you are a reference librarian in Carlson Library and that a writing instructor is bringing
her freshman class to the library to have you discuss the use of bibliographic style manuals. She is allowing
her students to choose which of the following style manuals they will use to prepare their term paper: MLA,
APA, Turabian. You have been asked to provide an overview of the similiarities and differences among
these three. Please focus on both citiation styles as well as information which the three present in an effort to
assist writers in preparing their texts (e.g., research tips, examples of good writing, etc.). You might also
want to comment on the extent to which each is user friendly. Your assignment should be a communication
to me of how you plan to present this to the class. It may be narrative or outline or some other logical
format. What I want to see is that you understand the differences and similarities among these tools, that
you actually know how to use them, and that you can defend or justify a preference for one over the other
(if, in fact, you have a preference.)

Part II:

Create a web page which is designed to introduce students to the use of one of the aforementioned
manuals.  The web page should include at least five bibliographic citations.