Collection Development & Selection Project

This is a two-part project due on April 21.

Part 1: Drafting a collection development policy for your model library

A collection development policy is the written statement of a plan to correct a collection's weaknesses while maintaining it's strengths; it provides details to guide library staff in building that collection.

A complete collection policy statement contains the following elements:


A. Purpose
B. Scope
B.1 Languages
B.2 Geographical Areas
B.3 Chronological Guidelines
B.4 Dates of Publication
C. Types of Material
C.1 Treatment of Subject
C.2 Formats
D. Levels of Current Collecting Activity by Subject
E. Collecting Responsibility
F. Other Resources

Name of bibliographer and date.

Guidelines for Writing Collection Development Statements, a handout you received in class, should be used to help you develop the policy.

Part 2: Building the Collection

Your task is to select and purchase materials for your model library. For each title selected, you need to record the following:

*** Reference Collection ******

Select 4 reference titles

**** General Collection *******

Select 6 titles

***** Indexes and Abstract Collection*****

Select 3 titles

****** Journals/Magazines/Newspapers ********

Select 6 titles

NOTE: This project will be graded on its content, not its length. There is no prescribed length.