Biographical Essay

Select a librarian who has influenced either directly (i.e., through personal contact) or indirectly (i.e.,
through his/her leadership, writings, etc.) and who represents at some level the type of librarian you would
like to become. Collect information about this person either through interviewing or research or both, and
prepare a biographical essay that examines the personís professional life [and, to the extent appropriate,
personal life as well], paying particular attention to important markers in the personís life including how s/he
decided to become a librarian, formative experiences (e.g., persons who may have influenced him/her),
development of ethics, philosophy of work, etc. Since the selection of a librarian and the interpretation of
that personís professional life are highly subjective processes connected with your own professional goals,
it is both appropriate and encouraged that you integrate, where relevant, you own responses, feelings, etc.
into the essay.

Please use one of the style manuals from the style manual exercise as your guide in preparing this essay.
Please specifically identify on the first page of your essay which manual is being used. Papers should consist
of from five to ten pages of text.