Science Libraries Information Guide for
Summer Engineering Experience Students (SEE)

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How do I login to the CMU computers?
Show me the CMU Libraries homepage and Research Help Pages!
I need help in finding articles on my project topic.....
Websites that might help me do my homework and create my project.....
Tips on writing my project paper....
How do I properly document my sources?

 How do I login to the CMU computers?

Logging in to CMU computers at a cluster or library

1. Choose a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape

2. Enter your Andrew I.D. name and Password that was given to you.

   Example:  Login: sallym
                Pswd:  engineer2

3. Make sure you log on to the ANDREW.CMU.EDU (Kerberos Realm)

4. To LOGOUT: Click  Start>Log off

Logging in to CMU computers from HOME or remotely…

1. Point your browser to:
2. Click on WebVPN
3. Login with your Andrew Username and Password.
4. Click on CMU Library. (You can input a URL of your choice into the box marked Enter Web Address.)


Show me the CMU Libraries homepage and Research Help Pages!

Take me home.....

Library Homepage:
At the Engineering & Science Library (4400 Wean Hall) you will find information covering the engineering fields of Biomedical, Chemical, Civil and Environmental, Electrical and Mechanical. In the sciences: Computer Science, Materials Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Robotics, as well as general science and engineering.

 Research Help Pages:

Civil & Environmental Engineering Research help page:

 Environmental Research help page:

Ask A Librarian

Send us email, chat with us live, give us a call on the telephone or, better yet, please come visit us!

 I need help in finding articles on my project topic.....

To find articles on your project, explore these links to databases in engineering & science:

Encyclopedia:  Access Science   (the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology on the web, provides full access to articles, dictionary terms, and hundreds of research updates in all areas of science and technology.)

LIVE DEMO!!!  Click here:

Article Database: Applied Science and Technology Abstracts  provides information on management, careers and employment, and financial trends in the scientific and technological fields of chemistry, engineering, computer technology, mathematics, data processing, physics, and energy-related disciplines.
Applied Science & Technology Abstracts

LIVE DEMO!!!  Click here:

Article Database: Environmental Sciences & Pollution Database
LIVE DEMO!!!  Click here:

Article Database: Engineering Information/Compendex
LIVE DEMO!!!  Click here:

Reference Database: Knovel
LIVE DEMO!!!  Click here:

Article Database: USPTO
LIVE DEMO!!!  Click here:


<>Websites that might help me do my homework and create my project.....

NativeEnergy - Carbon Footprint Calculator

Education Center, Student Links to Government  Energy Information

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Kids Links

Engineer Girl!  National Academy of Engineering

ASEE Engineering K12Center

EERE Energy Education and Training: Student Resources for Reports on Energy

Energy Kid's Page


Tips on writing my project paper....


Paragraph and Composition Development




Transitional words or phrases are placed at or near the beginning of a sentence or clause to signal the relationship between the new sentence and the one before it.


To introduce an illustration:  thus, for example, for instance, to illustrate


To add a similar idea:  secondly, again, also, finally


To point a contrast/qualification:  on the other hand, nevertheless, still, however, on the contrary


To indicate a conclusion or result:  therefore, in conclusion, to sum up, in other words.


How do I properly document my sources?


MLA – Modern Language Association - Formatting


Basic Rules


Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication.

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. New York: Scholastic, 2007

·        More Than One Author

First author name is written last name first; successive author names are written first name, last name.

Mouse, Mickey, and Donald Duck. How to Lose Your Parents in Disney Land. Orlando: Minnie, Inc., 2000.

A Lecture or Speech

Include speaker name, title of the speech (if any) in quotes, details about the meeting or event where the speech was given, including its location and date of delivery.  Label the speech according to its type, e.g., Guest Lecture, Keynote Address, State of the Union Address.

Berard, Lynn and Donna Beck. Guest Lecturers. “Introduction to Research using Online Databases.” Summer Engineering Experience for Girls. Wean Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. 21 July 2008.

Scholarly Journal Article

Speers, Brittany. "Becoming an Engineer is Better Than Being like Me." Cosmo Girl.  14.2 (2008): 21-24.

Electronic Sources

Always include as much information as possible

An Entire Web Site

·        Basic format

Name of Site. Date of Posting/Revision. Name of institution/organization affiliated with the site (sometimes found in copyright statements). Date you accessed the site [electronic address].

The Purdue OWL. 26 Aug. 2007. The Writing Lab and OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. 12 June 2008 <>.

Web Site Page

For an individual page on a Web site, make sure the URL points to the exact page you are referring to, or the entry or home page for a collection of pages you're referring to:

Purdue OWL. "MLA Formatting and Style Guide." The Online Writing Lab at Purdue. 10 May 2008. Purdue University Writing Lab. 12 June 2008 <>.

Online Scholarly Journal

Online scholarly journals are treated different from online magazines. First, you must include volume and issue information, when available. Also, some electronic journals and magazines provide paragraph or page numbers; again, include them if available.

Montana, Hanna. "Engineering your Photo Shoots to Enhance Your Reputation" Teen Stardom  3.4 (2008): 25 pars. 21 July 2008 <>.




For further information, questions, advice, see:
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