Problem Set #3



1) What is the function of the Merit Systems Protection Board?



2). What was the percent increase or decrease in population for California and West Virginia from 1980 to 1990?


3). What is "truncation"? What is the most popular, most standard truncation symbol used by major search engines on the Internet?


4) Can you help me find the text of Woodrow Wilson's last State of the

Union Address?

(Hint: try the online catalog as the first step for this question).


5) Who received more votes for president (popular vote) -- John Anderson

in 1980 or H. Ross Perot in 1992? How did George Wallace compare in 1968?


6). Draw a boolean logic Venn diagram for the following statements:

    1. children and pets
    2. (children or kids) and pets
    3. children not adults



7) What state led the nation in patents granted in 1997?


8) Which state has the lowest infant mortality rate?


  1. Name the elements of a typical bibliographic database record.



10) Can you help me find a copy of the Annual Energy Review? I think the EIA puts it out every year.


11) What's this "Short Term Energy Outlook" that news guys are always referring to when they talk about rising and falling gasoline prices?


  1. What database(s) should I use to search for articles in the subject area of library science?

    HINT: For #'s 13 & 14 you will need to use a database that has access to the cataloging records of most of the libraries in this country. It's located on FirstSearch.

  3. I've been told that there are several books on bicycle touring written by an author with the last name of Botzman. How many are there? Can you provide me with a list of those titles?


14.) I need an article from a journal called "Plant Virus and Antiserum Bank". Can you tell me which libraries loan this item?