Problem Set #2


1.         Under the Dewey Class 153 (Imagination, Imagery and Creativity), locate any items by Carl Sagan.


2.                  I'd like to know something about Mary Higgins Clark - the mystery writer.  Can you help me locate some biographical info?


3.                  What is the original title of the book by Robert Barnard entitled:  “The Cheery Blossom Corpse” published by Scribner in 1987?


4.         What mountain summits are at or above 3000 feet in Pennsylvania?


5.         I'm considering voting for John McCain for president.  Can you help me find some background information on his life?


6.         I'd like to read about the life of Jaromir Jagr.  Can you help me find anything?


7.         What is the elevation of the Marsteller Airport?


8.         What is name(s) of the local newspaper for Hayward, CA?  What is the local radio station?


9.         What is the population of Lichtenstein?


10.       I need to know who J.J. Thomson was.  I think he was a famous scientist.


11.       In what Nebraskan county does Berard Creek flow?


12.       I’m interested in printing/manufacturing my own book. I heard of a book manufacturer called “ Automated Graphic Systems, Inc.  Can you tell me where they are located, what they specialize in and how to reach them?


13.       I'm a big Pittsburgh Penguins fan.  Can you help me find a map of the Czech Republic?


14.       What is the capitol of Bolivia?


15.       There's a ski resort at Blue Knob near Altoona.  How far above sea level is Blue Knob at its summit?