Problem Set #1
  1. Where did the phrase "red tape" come from?
  2. What's the parent company of World Book?
  3. I need a brief description of a mineral called "muscovite."
  4. Can you help me find a definition of a "laffer curve?"
  5. What is the "queenside" of a chessboard?
  6. Can you help me find a description of a manometer?A viscometer?
  7. Name one of the Top Ten News Stories of 2001.
  8. What is the NGC catalog number of the Tarantula nebula?
  9. Can you help me find a list of books about James Garfield?
  10. How many townships are there in Lancaster County?
  11. I'm trying to find a basic description of the industries that are prominent in Mexico.
  12. Can you help me to find a map that shows all the counties in Pennsylvania?I really don't want anything else on the map - just the names of the counties with their borders drawn.
  13. I need a critical evaluation of the drama, “The Pirates of Penzance” by W.S. Gilbert.
  14. There's this company called Telmark, Inc. in Syracuse.Are they a subsidiary of another company?
  15. If you are given a chance to professionally appear on TV for your place of business, what advice could you find regarding “speaking” to your audience?
  16. Who is the current ruler of Denmark?
  17. I'd like to try to contact an organization called the "Wives of Older Men." I'd like to know a little more about them and if they publish anything.Where could I begin?
  18. Who is the director of the library at Bucknell University?
  19. What year did Isadora Duncan, the American dancer, found a dance school in Paris?
  20. What restaurant chains does Metromedia Company own or franchise?
  21. What is the name of the public-use airport for Fredericksburg, PA?
  22. I'm building an experimental car engine for my Edsel.Can you help me find a manufacturer of flywheels?
  23. How many horses were used to pull a biga?
  24. On April 1st, what time is high tide in Boston?