Our team is developing the biology library of the WeBuildIt, Inc. research firm in several stages. The first stage is to establish a collection in botany, with a focus on environmental botany. This focus was chosen because of the information needs of researchers doing environmental assessments, as well as researchers performing in-depth studies in environmental issues in botany. Specifically our site provides information on plant biology including information on threatened and endangered species of flora and wetland flora (fresh and salt water).
 The library contains a reference collection to answer inquiries on botanical terminology, taxonomy, pathology and plant identification. The general book collection covers topics in botany in more depth, and a collection of current journals in the fields of botany and ecology along with several online databases and recommended websites are available for use.


Guide to Information Sources in the Botanical Sciences
Hardcover, 2nd ed., 275pp.
ISBN: 1563080753
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited, Incorporated
June 1995
2nd ed.

Covering botany broadly but excluding agriculture, horticulture, and gardening. Detailed table of contents makes the guide easy to use. It is considered the only guide that laypersons and specialists can consult for sources of information on botanical topics. The guide is organized in chapters on bibliographic sources; abstracts, indexes and databases; dictionaries and encyclopedias; handbooks and methods; directories and groups; taxonomy; biographical and historical materials; textbooks; and important series.

Elsevier's Dictionary of Botany: General Terms
P. MacUra
CD-ROM edition (January 1, 1999)
Hardcover 1996
Elsevier Science
ISBN: 0444501347

In addition to being a dictionary of general botanical terms it includes terms from related fields such as forestry, grassland research, biochemistry, horticulture, and the medicinal use of plants.

CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names: Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology
Umberto Quattrocchi
 4 volumes
ISBN: 0849326737
November 1999
1600 p.
CRC Press
Provides information on the origins and meanings of the names of over 22,000 genera of plants and thousands of species. Provides the botanical names, synonyms, homonyms, and the vernacular and trade names (English, Italian, Chinese, and many other languages) of the commonly accepted generic names of over 200,000 species. Extensive bibliography with 15 pages of references.

Plant Identification Terminology: An Illustrated Glossary
by James G. Harris, Melinda Woolf Harris
2nd edition
216 pages
January 1, 2001
Spring Lake Pub.
ISBN: 0964022168

An easy to use guide to plant identification this volume assembles a visual glossary of botanical terms. The first section presents the alphabetical glossary of some 2,400 terms commonly used in plant description and identification. The second part groups related terms to facilitate study and comparison. It is illustrated with clear black and white line drawings. This volume is included to have a book with easy access, although it does not provide a pronunciation guide or the depth of some of the larger dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Plant Pathologist’s Pocketbook, 3d ed.
J.M. Waller, ed.
CAB International
January 2002
450 p.
ISBN 085199458X

Succinct information on recognition and evaluation of plant diseases, causes of plant diseases, effects of air pollution and climate change, disease diagnosis and investigation, and a glossary of plant pathological terms.

Plant-Environment Interactions
Robert E. Wilkinson, ed.
Format: Hardcover, 599pp.
ISBN: 0824789407
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
June  1994

More in-depth than a specialized encyclopedia, this reference presents a broad picture of overall plant responses to environmental factors based on an understanding of specific chemical reactions within the plant. Discusses methodologies as well as the interpretation of results. Topics include: acid soil stress and plant growth; whole plant response to salinity; plant response mechanisms to soil compaction; environmental effects of cold on plants.

Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress
Mohammad Pessarakli, ed.
Hardcover, 697pp.
ISBN: 0824789873
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
September  1993

A reference on issues and concerns related to plant and crop stress, including salinity, drought, heat, light, pollution, agrichemical stress, plant response to climate change and elevated carbon dioxide levels.

Beacham's Guide to International Endangered Species: Volume 3 (Non-Mammals and Plants)
Hardcover, 550pp.
ISBN: 0787649988
Publisher: Gale Group
October  2000

Covers 297 non-mammal and plant species. Each entry provides detailed information on each species, including: general descriptive facts about the species, favored and/or primary habitat, distribution - surveys the areas the species is known to populate, both current and historical, threats - describes existing threats to the continuation of the species. Each entry concludes with a summary of recovery efforts. Appendices include a bibliography, list of contacts for further information and a glossary. Indexes, both geographic and by species name, are included.


Buchanan, R., Gruissem, W. & Jones, R.  (2002). Biochemistry & molecular biology of plants.  New York: John Wiley & Sons.  ISBN: 0943088372.  $195.00

This book covers the topics of molecular biology, cell biology, and plant physiology and contains over 1100 drawings, 500 photographs and a CD-ROM of all the book's illustrations. It was written for plant biologists and other scientists interested in the field of plant biology. Our library has included it in the collection because of its currency and scope.

CIBA Foundation Symposium.  (1993). Crop protection and sustainable agriculture Symposium no. 177.  New York: John Wiley & Sons.  ISBN: 0471939447.  $155.00

This book focuses on sustainable agriculture in the developing world, particularly on crop protection. It includes chapters on the ecology of food production, sustainable agriculture and economics of food production.
This book was added to out collection because of the need to protect the environment and supply necessary food to developing countries.

Clewer, A. & Scarisbrick, D.  (2001). Practical statistics and experimental design for plant and crop science.  New York: John Wiley & Sons.  ISBN: 0471899089.  $100.00

This book provides an introduction to the principles of plant and crop experimentation. It explains how to design an experiment, analyze results, interpret computer output and present findings. This book provides information to scientists on how to conduct a study in the field of botany and was included in our collection for this reason.

Dickson, W.  (2000). Integrative plant anatomy.  San Diego, CA: Academic Press.  ISBN: 0122151704.  $69.95

This book presents the basic concepts and terminology of the study of plant anatomy and discusses how it is integrated into other areas such as plant breeding, forensic analysis, medicine, and food science. It has been included in our library as a general source on plant anatomy.

Grimes, J.  (2001). Plant strategies, vegetation processes, and ecosystem properties, 2nd edition.  New York: John Wiley & Sons.  ISBN: 0471496014.  $140.00

This new edition includes a section that covers all aspects of ecosystem properties, new chapters rarification and extinction. It has chapter summaries and an index to species names. It has been included in the collection as a source for researchers in the areas of plant ecology and conservation.

Iqbal, M. & Yunus, M.  (1996). Plant response to air pollution.  New York: John Wiley & Sons.  ISBN: 0471960616.  $225.00

This book provides the reader with information on how plants respond to air pollution and will be of interest to researchers who want to help preserve the environment. It was included in our collection because of the topic.

Prasad, M.  (1996). Plant ecophysiology.  New York: John Wiley & Sons.  ISBN: 0471131571.  $225.00

Twenty-nine international researchers contributed to this book that deals with the functioning of plant systems in relation to their environment. This book was selected because of the topics covered and the expertise of the scientists.

Raven, P., Evert, R. & Eichorn, S.  (1986). Biology of plants.  New York: W.H. Freeman & Co.  ISBN: 1572590416.  $92.30

This book is an undergraduate textbook on botany. It includes many good diagrams and photographs. The information is presented clearly and concisely and covers the anatomy and physiology of plants as well as genetics, vegetarianism, nutrition and herbal medicine. It was included in our library as a source of general information on botany.

Rissler, J. & Mellon, M.  (1996). The ecological risks of engineered crops.  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.  ISBN: 0262680858.  $19.95

This book defines transgenic plants and reviews research under way in the field of crop biotechnology. The authors then identify and categorize the environmental risks presented by commercial use of these crops. We have included this book because of the importance of the topic.

Sage, R. & Monson, R.  (1999). C4 plant biology.   San Diego, CA: Academic Press.  ISBN: 0126144400. $89.95

Improving the understanding of C4 photosynthesis by crop scientists, plant physiologists, and plant ecologists is the aim of this book. It includes chapters on the role of C4 plants and their effects on soil, hydrological, and atmospheric processes. It was chosen because it provides specific information on this topic.


American Journal of Botany [ISSN: Print – 0002-9122, Electronic – 1537-2197] Published for the Botanical Society of America by Allen Press.  Print Journal Subscription Rates (2002): $295.00, USA; $305.00, Canada and Mexico; $320.00, other countries. Special subscription rates are available to members of the Society.  Electronic Journal Subscription Rates (2002): $600.00.

*The American Journal of Botany is an internationally recognized journal accepting refereed research papers on all aspects of plant biology, published monthly since 1914. In addition to reports of original research in all areas of plant science, the Journal contains Rapid Communications, and Special Papers, which include reviews, critiques and analyses of controversial subjects.   Database coverage includes Biological Abstracts, Biological and Agricultural Index, Biological Digest, and Chemical Abstracts.

Annals of Botany [ISSN: 0305-7364] Published by Oxford University Press (formerly Academic Press).  Journal Subscription Rates (2002): £ 399.00 (through IDEAL, £ 100.00.

Annals of Botany is a major international journal.  The Journal covers all the major areas of plant science and publishes full-length research papers, Short Communications, Review Articles and Book Reviews. It also publishes short commissioned reviews on topical subjects under the title of Botanical Briefings. From time to time, special issues devoted to particular themes are also published at no extra cost to subscribers. The Annals of Botany is especially interested in research that integrates developments within the disciplines of physiology, development, morphology, taxonomy, ecology, agronomy, and modeling. Database Coverage includes: AGRICOLA, Biological Abstracts (BIOSIS), CABS, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents, Excerpta Medica, Science Citation Index, ASCAL, Field Crop Abstracts, and Research Alert.

Applied Vegetation Science [ISSN 1402-2001] Published by Opulus Press for the International Association of Vegetation Science.  Subscription rates: SEK (Swedish Kröne) 1750 for both Paper and Online editions.

Applied Vegetation Science is administratively linked to the Journal of Vegetation Science.  It accepts original papers (including shorter ones), reviews, forum contributions and reports. It commissions reviews of selected books.  Applied fields covered by the journal include human impact on vegetation and global change, nature conservation, nature management, restoration of plant communities and habitats of threatened plant species, and the planning of semi-natural and urban landscapes.  Vegetation modeling and remote-sensing applications are of special interest to the publishers.  In addition it publishes book reviews and notices of scientific meetings.  Database coverage includes BIOSIS, CAB Abstracts, Current Contents, OCLC ArticleFirst, and OCLC ContentsFirst.

Aquatic Botany [ISSN: 0304-3770] Published by Elsevier Science.  Subscription Rates: $1,074 for all countries except Europe and Japan.

Aquatic Botany is an International Scientific Journal dealing with Applied and Fundamental Research on Submerged, Floating and Emergent Plants in Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.  The journal is concerned with fundamental studies on structure, function, dynamics and classification of plant-dominated aquatic ecosystems. It is also intended as an outlet for papers dealing with applied research on aquatic plants, including reports on the consequences of disturbance of aquatic ecosystems, the use of aquatic plants, conservation of resources and all aspects of plant production and decomposition.
Database Coverage includes Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts, BIOSIS, Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences, Ecological Abstracts, Ecology Abstracts, Fisheries Review Freshwater and Aquaculture Contents Tables, Marine Science Contents Tables

Environmental and Experimental Botany [ISSN 0098-8472] Published since 1961 by Elsevier Science.  Subscription Rates: $ 778 (USD) for all countries except Europe and Japan.  JPY 92,200 for Japan, EUR 695 for European countries.

Environmental and Experimental Botany publishes research papers on the physical, chemical and biological mechanisms and processes that relate the performance of plants to their abiotic and biotic environment. The experimental approaches should compare structural, physiological and/or ecological responses of genotypes, ecotypes, cultivars and/or ecological responses of genotypes, ecotypes, cultivars and/or assemblages of species.  Database coverage includes BIOSIS, Biological & Agricultural Index, Current Contents, Elsevier BIOBASE, Environmental Periodicals Bibliography, GEOBASE, INSPEC, PASCAL/CNRS, Science Citation Index.

International Journal of Plant Sciences (Formerly Botanical Gazette) [ISSN 1058-5893] Published bimonthly by the University of Chicago Press.  Journal Subscription Rates: $373.00 (U.S.), $411.11 (Canada), $385.00 (Foreign).  Rates include electronic access.

Emphasizing dynamic rather than purely descriptive work, the International Journal of Plant Sciences presents important research from laboratories around the world—research that seeks the answers to interesting questions in all areas of the plant sciences. Topics covered include plant-microbe interactions, development, structure and systematics, molecular biology, genetics and evolution, ecology, paleobotany, and physiology and ecophysiology.  Since its first publication in 1875, IJPS has become one of the major outlets for botanical research.  Database coverage includes Biological Abstracts, Biological and Agricultural Index, Chemical Abstracts, and General Science Index.
Journal of Ecology [ISSN 0022-0477] Edited by the British Ecological Society and published bi-monthly by Blackwell Science.  Subscription rates: (Combined print and electronic versions) $610.50, £385.00 (Europe), £423.50 (rest of world).

Journal of Ecology includes original research papers on all aspects of the ecology of plants (including algae), in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The articles include studies of plant communities, populations or individual species, and studies of the interactions between plants and organisms such as animals, fungi or bacteria, providing that the focus is towards the ecology of the plants. Experimental papers may use any ecological approach, including molecular and more traditional techniques. Theoretical papers are welcome, as are descriptive or historical accounts that offer insights into issues of general interest to ecologists, but reports concerned solely with cultivated plants and agricultural ecosystems are not. It also publishes Essay Reviews and Forum articles with the aim that the content of the Journal will reflect the changing emphasis in the subject area.  Most issues also carry a description of at least one species in their ongoing account of the Biological Flora of the British Isles.  Database coverage includes Biological Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, BIOBASE/Current Awareness in Biological Sciences, Current Contents Agricultural and Biological Environmental Sciences, Ecological Abstracts, Environmental Abstracts, Environmental Periodical Bibliography, Science Citation Index and SciSearch.

Journal of Vegetation Science [ISSN 1100-9233] Published by Opulus Press for the International Association of Vegetation Science.  Subscription rates: 4500 SEK (Swedish Kröne) Paper and Online editions.

The Journal of Vegetation Science publishes papers on all aspects of vegetation science, with particular emphasis on papers that develop new concepts or methods, test theory, identify general patterns, or that otherwise are likely to interest a broad readership.  Papers focus on any aspect of vegetation science including theory, methodology, spatial patterns (including plant geography and landscape ecology), temporal changes (including palaeoecology and demography), processes (including ecophysiology), and description of ecological communities (by phytosociological or other methods), provided the focus is on increasing our understanding of plant communities. The Journal of Vegetation Science accepts original papers (including shorter ones), reviews, forum contributions and reports. It commissions reviews of selected books.  Database coverage includes BIOSIS, CAB Abstracts, Current Contents, OCLC ArticleFirst, and OCLC ContentsFirst.

Plant and Soil [ISSN 0032-079X] Published for the Royal Netherlands Society of Agricultural Science by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Subscription rate: EUR 3334.00 / USD 3340.00

Plant and Soil publishes original papers and solicited review articles dealing with the interface of plant biology and soil sciences, which are of general interest. This area includes fundamental and applied aspects of mineral nutrition, plant-water relations, symbiotic and pathogenic plant-microbe interactions, root anatomy and morphology, soil biology, ecology, agrochemistry and agrophysics. Articles including a major molecular or mathematical component also fall within the scope of the journal.  Database coverage includes Biological Abstracts; Biological & Agricultural Index; CAB Abstracts; Chemical Abstracts; Current Advances in Plant Science; Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences; Ecology Abstracts; Elsevier BIOBASE/Current Awareness in Biological Sciences; Environmental Abstracts/Enviroline; Geobase/Geo Abstracts; Geographical Abstracts: Human Geography Health and Safety Science; The ISI Alerting Services; Microbiology Abstracts B; PASCAL Database; Reference Update; Science Citation Index; Science Citation Index Expanded; Water Resources Abstracts

Plant, Cell and Environment [Paper edition ISSN 0140-7791, Online Edition ISSN 1365-3040] Published by Blackwell Science.  Subscription rate: £108.90 Europe, $172.70 USA & Canada, £119.90 rest of the world.

Plant, Cell and Environment is a leading international journal which concentrates on the publication of original research and theoretical articles on all aspects of the physiology of green plants. It includes fundamental molecular biology and applied aspects of plant cell physiology, plant biochemistry, whole plant physiology, environmental physiology, crop physiology and physiological ecology.  Plant, Cell and Environment publishes original research, either theoretical or experimental, in any field of the physiology of green plants. Thus the Journal covers plant biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, cell physiology, whole plant physiology, crop physiology and physiological ecology, together with structural, genetic, pathological and meteorological aspects as related to plant function. Database coverage includes ASCA, BIOBASE/Current Awareness in Biological Sciences, Current Contents, Environmental Periodicals Bibliography and Science Citation Index.

**The annotations for the journals listed were obtained from the following sources:

American Journal of Botany --
Annals of Botany --
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Agricola - (FirstSearch 1861-present) Index to books, articles, book chapters, etc. owned by the National Agricultural Library.

BasicBIOSIS - (FirstSearch Latest 5 yrs.) Index covering a core list of the most widely owned journals biology and biomedical sciences.

BioOne - Full text database of biology journals

Biological & Agricultural Index - (FirstSearch 1983-current) Index covering about 225 journal titles in biology and agriculture

Biology Digest - (FirstSearch 1989-current) Index for general biology literature intended for high school students and beginning undergraduates.

CAB Abstracts - (currently being integrated into ISI® Web of Knowledge database)
Provides abstracts on international research in the applied life sciences, including agriculture, environmental studies, forestry, and natural resources. Records go as far back as 1973.

Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences – ISI® Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences provides access to complete bibliographic information from articles, editorials, meeting abstracts, commentaries, and all other significant items in recently published editions of over 1,040 of the world's leading agriculture, biology, and environmental sciences journals and books in a broad range of categories.

Elsevier BIOBASE - Current Awareness in Biological Sciences (CABS)
Elsevier Science (1999-2002)
This database furnishes comprehensive coverage of biological research in the field of botany as well as such fields as biochemistry, ecology, and toxicology. It contains more than 1.8 million records from over 1900 journals and covers the years 1994 to present. Updates are added weekly and it contains a separate species dictionary for Plant and Ecological records. This database was included because of its currency and scope.

Science Citation Index - The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI®) publishes the Science Citation Index (SCI), which provides access to current bibliographic information and cited references. The online version of SCI, called Web of Science, covers over 5,600 of the world's leading scientific and technical journals in a broad range of disciplines.
Botanical Society of America
1735 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH  43210
This web site was developed by the Botanical Society of America and includes links to the American Journal of Botany Online and other electronic journals of interest to Botanists. This site was included because it focuses strictly on the field of botany.

2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Produced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Can search by species name, common name, broad categories of plants, and so forth, by country, region, marine region, biome, and category (extinct, endangered, vulnerable, etc.). Easy to follow instructions to narrow your search.

The Web of Science
The Web of Science is the online version of the following three files:
· Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-EXPANDED): 1945 – Present
· Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI): 1956 – Present
· Arts and Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI): 1975 – Present