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  Upcoming Events
  • Rain Down ()
        KUPC/KCCP Joint Retreat 08

        Date: 2-1-08 - 2-3-08
         Thinking of Coming?
         Signup here
  • Rain Down Fellowship Event w/ KCCP
        Date: 11-28-07
         KCCP Church

  •   Weekly Events

  • Morning Prayer
        Tues 8am WW TV Lounge

  • Freshmen Small Group
        Tues 830pm UC Pake

  • Large Group
        Wed 7pm DH2210

  • Women's Small Group
        Thurs 9pm WW 3rd Fl lounge

  • Men's Small Group
        Mon 9pm Resnik 4 lounge

  • Bible Study
        Sat 12pm UC Chapel

  •        Easter Sunday

             For Devotions & Readings
             For the Ask the Pastor blog
             To ask the pastors an anonymous question
             To sign up for Rain Down KUPC/KCCP Joint Retreat

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