Rush Hour Game + Solver

Programmed using Python 2.7



This project was created as the final assignment for an introductory programming course taught in Python at Carnegie Mellon University. The assignment was to create a computer program using Python that was more complex than an homework assignment which could be completed over the span of the week. (See Course Gallery)


Project Selection

When I was 8 years old, my uncle gave me the Rush Hour Railroad Game as a present. I enjoyed spending hours on the more difficult puzzles which helped improve my problem solving skills. I wanted to create a computerized version that allows children who prefer playing digital games to develop their brains playing the same game I grew up with.



In my implementation of finding the solution for a game board, I combined Breadth First Search, which creates a tree of all possible moves, and A-star for prioritizing which branches to traverse first based on the weight given to that branch. I assigned the weight to different branches based on the number of other pieces that need to be moved.

Check out this video of my game in action!