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Ideas for Your Trip to
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

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Stone Harbor is located along the Atlantic Ocean on the southern tip on the state of New Jersey. Besides being a great place to vacation itself, it is also centrally located and near other attractions that are sure to please.

Some of these attractions I have seen and enjoyed, others I do not have first hand experience with. Here is a sampling of what you can do if you do not want to sit and look at the ocean all day.

Nearby Cities

Map of Southern Tip on New Jersey Shore
  1. Atlantic City

    About 30 minutes north of Stone Harbor and home to a boardwalk full of shops, sea gulls and of course casinos, Atlantic City is a great place to spend the afternoon or the evening. You can check out a show or try your luck on the slots. The casinos are also fun to see. My favorite's the Wild West, where the ceiling is a blue sky that turns into a wicked storm. In September (actually during the time when we were in Stone Harbor), Atlantic City is host to the Miss America pageant.

  2. Avalon

    Avalon is just north of Stone Harbor. I do not think that I have ever been there, but it's so close that it would be worth the drive to explore and discover what exists there.

  3. Cape May

    We love to go to Cape May to check out all the beautiful homes--some are historic and others are brand new, but each is unique and great to look at. Cape May also has a centralized tourist shopping area. A church located in this plaza holds an annual raffle where you can win a brand new luxury car. If you visit Cape May, make sure to pick up a ticket. I have not won yet, but I'm still hoping.

  4. Drawing of Majestic Star Inn, Cape May

  5. Wildwood

    Located south of Stone Harbor, Wildwood has lots of hotels and a boardwalk also. If you do not feel like riding to Atlantic City, or are not interested in the casinos, Wildwood's great. The boardwalk also has some carnival rides and ice cream stands.

Other Attractions

The Wetlands Institute Logo of the Wetlands Institute
Called "The Natural Place to Have Fun!" the Wetlands Institute promotes the conservation and preservation of coastal ecosystems by providing a fun and educational experience . I have not been there, but the wetlands where the institute is located are great to look at and I think a little bit of learning while on vacation is a good thing. In September, they hold their annual Wings 'n Water Festival, which includes all sorts of wildlife art.

Cape May County Park and Zoo

Take some of your free time and explore these attractions for free. The Cape May Zoo is home to lots of animals and worth an afternoon excursion. The Zoo is located in Cape May County Park Central and you can also stroll around the park while there.

Renault Winery

I was at the winery for a dinner and a tour of the winery. On the grounds, they also have a hotel and golf course.

Dolphin Watching Trips

While at the Jersey shore, I have also taken a dolphin watching tour. In addition to getting in enjoy the dolphins up closer (at least a lot closer than while sitting on the beach), you have the opportunity to see various parts of the coast line and learn some more about the area. A boat trip like this would be a good thing to do if you are going to the Jersey shore for the first time.


For a bit more adventure, you can also check out some of the water sports offerings. I have to admit that I have only tried parasailing (and that was only because my more adventuresome cousins carried me along for the ride). It was scary and definitely fun!

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