Theses Advised by Kemal Oflazer

Ph. D. Theses:

  1. Özlem Çetinoğu, A Large Scale LFG Grammar for Turkish, Ph.D. Thesis, Sabancı University, 2009 (Currently, Researcher at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland)

  2. İlknur Durgar El-Kahlout, Statistical Machine Translation from English to Turkish, Ph.D. Thesis, Sabancı University, 2009 (Currently Researcher at LIMSI, France)

  3. Gülşen Cebiroğlu Eryiğit, Dependency parsing of Turkish, Ph.D. Thesis, İstanbul Technical University, 2004--2006. (Co-advisor) (Currently Asst. Prof. at Istanbul Technical University)

  4. Ahmet Cüneyd Tantuğ, (ITU), A hybrid machine translation model between close agglutinative languages, Ph.D. Thesis, İstanbul Technical University, 2004--2007 (Co-advisor) (Currently Researcher at Istanbul Technical University)

  5. Oğuzhan Külekçi, Statistical Morphological Disambiguation with Application to Disambiguation of Pronunciation in Turkish, Ph.D., Sabancı University, 9/01 – 2/06. (Currently Member of Technical Staff at TÜBİTAK, UEAKE, Gebze, Turkey)

  6. Dilek Zeynep Hakkani-Tür, Statistical Language Modeling for Turkish, Ph.D., Bilkent University, 9/96 -- 8/00 (Currently Member of Technical Staff at International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, CA, USA)

  7. Gökhan Tür, A Statistical Information Extraction System for Turkish, Ph.D., Bilkent University, 9/96 -- 8/00 (Currently Member of Technical Staff at SRI International, Menlo Park, CA, USA)

M.Sc. Theses:

  1. Burak Arslan, An Approach To The Morphological Disambiguation Prolem Using Conditional Random Fields, M. Sc. Thesis, 2009.

  2. Reyyan Yeniterzi, Syntax-to-Morphology Mapping and Syntactic Reordering in English to Turkish Phrase-based SMT, M. Sc. Thesis, 2009

  3. Ferhan Türe, A Hybrid MT System from Turkish to English, M.Sc. Thesis, Sabancı University, 2007 --

  4. Önsel Armağan, LingBrowser: An NLP-based Active and Interactive Interactive Browser for Linguistic Exploration, M. Sc. Thesis, Sabancı University, 2008 --

  5. Yasin Yılmaz, Vi-XFST; A Visual Interface for Xerox Finite-state Toolkit, M.Sc., Sabancı University 9/01 - 7/03,

  6. Ilknur Durgar, Retrieving Words from Their Meanings, M.Sc., Sabancı University 9/01 - 7/03,

  7. Esra Vural, A Prosodic Turkish Text-To-Speech Synthesizer, M.Sc., Sabancı University  9/01 - 7/03,

  8. Aydın Akyol, Filler Model Based Word Level Confidence Measures for Spoken Dialogue Systems, M.Sc., Sabancı University 9/01 - 7/03, (Co-advisor)

  9. Cemal Yılmaz, A Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition System for Turkish, M.Sc., Bilkent University, 9/97 -- 7/99 (Co-advisor)

  10. Kurtuluş Yorulmaz, Design for a Computational Lexicon for Turkish Natural Language Processing Applications, M.Sc., Bilkent University, 10/94 -- 2/1997

  11. Dilek Zeynep Hakkani, A Unification-based Generator for Turkish Sentences, M.Sc., Bilkent University, 5/95 -- 7/96

  12. Gökhan Tür, Transformation-based Unsupervised Learning of Rules for Morphological Disambiguation, M.Sc., Bilkent University, 10/94 -- 7/97

  13. Okan Yılmaz, Design and implementation of a verb lexicon and a verb sense disambiguator for Turkish , M.Sc., Bilkent University, 10/92 -- 9/94.

  14. İlker Kuruöz, Tagging and Morphological Disambiguation  of Turkish Text, M.Sc., Bilkent University, 10/92 -- 7/94.

  15. Coşkun Demir, An ATN Grammar for Turkish , M.Sc., 10/91 -- 7/93.

  16. Zelal Güngördü,  A Lexical-Functional Grammar for Turkish, M.Sc., Bilkent University,10/91 -- 7/93, (Awarded Outstanding Work by a Young Informatics Researcher award by Turkish Informatics Society, 1994).

  17. Gürhan Keskin, Design and Implementation of a Radiological Image Viewing Tool, M.Sc., Bilkent University, 10/91 -- 6/93.

  18. Cem Yüceer, A General Purpose, Rotation, Scaling and Translation Invariant Pattern Recognition System, Bilkent University, 1/90 -- 1/92

  19. Ayşın Solak, Design and Implementation of a Spelling Checker for Turkish, Bilkent University, 10/89 -- 5/91.

  20. Deniz Ercoşkun, Parallel Implementation of the Backpropagation Learning Algorithm on a Hypercube Parallel Processor, Bilkent University, 10/89 -- 12/90.