Some example episodes for the final paper

(star indicates extra mathematical sophistication)

  1. phlogiston theory of combustion ---> oxygen theory (Lavoisier)
  2. catastrophism in geology ---> uniformitarianism (Lyell)
  3. theory of circulation of the blood (Harvey)
  4. atomic theory (Dalton, Perrin)
  5. punctuated equilibrium theory in evolution
  6. particle optics ---> wave optics (Young, Fresnel)
  7. fluid electicity (Franklin)
  8. electrons (Thompson)
  9. plate techtonics in geology
  10. global warming
  11. atmospheric pressure (Torricelli)
  12. energy concept and ideal heat engines (Carnot)
  13. DNA and molecular genetics (Watson, Crick, Rosalyn Franklin: interesting feminist angle)
  14. psychoanalysis (Freud)
  15. Bayesian statistics (Ramsey, DeFinetti)
  16. Cartesian physics (Descartes)
  17. elliptical orbits (Kepler)
  18. tidal theory (Galileo, Kepler, Newton)
  19. the clonal selection theory of the immune system
  20. behaviorism ---> cognitive psycyhology
  21. theory of polymers
  22. population genetics (Fisher*)
  23. quantum theory (Planck, Bohr, etc.*)
  24. relativity theory (Einstein*)
  25. black holes (Hawking, Penrose*)
  26. Electromagnetism (Oersted, Faraday, Maxwell*)
  27. statistical mechanics (Einstein*)