Keven Chionh
Keven Chionh


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Keven Chionh     /'kevǝn CHiôn/

I am a mathematician undergoing undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University. I am on my way to obtaining an Honors degree in mathematics and additional major in computer science. Passionate about my fields of study, I enjoy taking part in math and programming competitions. To the analytical mind, there is nothing quite as exciting as problem solving. I am currently working on a research project in Calculus of Variations with Dr William Hrusa.

In my free time, I am also a calligrapher and a musician. I spend my Sunday nights playing my violin and making music with the CMU All University Orchestra.




Game (Strategy / Fantasy / Platform)

DUALITY was the final project for the 15-112 course (Spring 15 edition) in CMU. Made over a period of 3 weeks, DUALITY takes you on an epic journey through the galaxy.

DUALITY is a platform game in which you take on the role of a red waveparticle whose soulmate has been abducted by the universe because you two are not a monochromatic couple. You exhibit both wave and particle properties of light. As a particle, you are like any other solid particle: affected by gravity and unable to pass through glass. However, upon exceeding a certain speed, you involuntarily transforms into a wave. No longer affected by gravity, you can soar to new heights. However, you can no longer control your direction. You are subjected to the laws of reflection and refraction. The only way to regain control is to slow down and morph back into a particle. Can you save your soulmate?

Interested? View the source code here.