Karam Kang

Tepper School of Business

Carnegie Mellon University

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Policy Influence and Private Returns from Lobbying in the Energy Sector

The Review of Economic Studies (2016) 83 (1): 269-305.

PDF (Working Paper Ver.) Slides ReStud Link Supplementary Materials LSE USAPP Summary

Winning by Default: Why is There So Little Competition in Government Procurement?

Joint with Robert A. Miller PDF (June 2020) (R&R, Review of Economic Studies)

Understanding Disparities in Punishment: Regulator Preferences and Expertise

Joint with Bernardo S. Silveira PDF (July 2020) Slides (R&R, Journal of Political Economy)

Lobbyists as Gatekeepers: Theory and Evidence

Joint with Alexander V. Hirsch, B. Pablo Montagnes, and Hye Young You PDF (July 2020)

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