Write-ups for discussions

We will use the following question template. Please print out several copies and bring to class for discussion, as you will describe the materials you read, and go through your questions with each other. Please also submit copies on Canvas at the relevant link provided there.

Question template


On: title of link

The short write-ups will be in the form of a question and answer. The exercise of writing a thoughtful question and set of responses promotes reflection on the assigned material. We'll include a handful of question-responses on Canvas for (optional) review as a sort of group synthesis. (Insert the comment #please refrain from sharing# if you do not want your question distributed.)

Question: The question stem goes here. The stem should:

Having provided context, articulate a multiple choice question that demands the reader go beyond memorization and requires critical thinking:

A. A plausible but incorrect response (Note the extra spaces for markdown) -->
B. A correct response.
C. Another incorrect response.

Follow the link for the answer template

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