John Paul Ito

Focal Impulse Theory : Chapter 8

John Paul Ito (2021) Focal Impulse Theory:

Musical Expression, Meter, and the Body

Chapter 8 Media Examples:

Chapter 8 includes three kinds of media example: an original video example, commercial recordings found on Spotify, and recordings found on YouTube.

Original video example, on the Indiana University Press website (streaming only):

VE 8.1

Original video example, on KiltHub (download available):

VE 8.1

Examples on Spotify:

If you click on the embedded playlist below, follow the link to open the playlist in Spotify; tracks will play from random starting points in the embedded player.

Spotify URI (copy this into the search field in Spotify): spotify:playlist:7d9JizGsvjaYe7HkAGeYFW

Start Times:

Mozart, Viola Quintet K. 516, iii, start at 3:18.

Mozart, Viola Quintet K. 516, iv, start at 3:20.

Schumann, Piano Quintet, iii, start at 2:36.

Brahms, Violin Concerto, i, start at 11:06.

Strauss, Blue Danube Waltz (An der schönen blauen Donau), start at 3:19

Brahms, Sextet op. 36, ii, start at 3:53.

Brahms, Piano Quartet op. 26, iii, start at 4:01, dueling hemiolas at 4:10.

Examples on YouTube:

Schumann, Symphony No. 3, Schuricht 

Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 1, iii, Freiburger Barockorchester