Justin J. Mohney, Architectural Drawing I

Two line and shading drawings of the Cathedral of Learning at PITT.

Charcoal drawing of the side of Margret Morrison.

Conte Crayon drawings of two examples of architecture from the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Sharpie of the walkway outside the University Center.

Ebony Pencil perspective drawing of a Studio assignment (thanks John) showing a pathway through a terrain.

Sharpie marker drawing of the balcony in the CFA.

Conte crayon drawing of one of the niches outside the CFA.

Conte Crayon drawing of St Giles Cathedral at Carnegie Museum of Art.

Charcoal drawing of Temple of Athena at Carnegie Museum of Art.

Sharpie drawing of the CFA main office.

Charcoal drawing of a Madonna statue in the CFA.

Ebony pencil shaded plan of stairway in Baker Hall.

Charcoal drawing created with kneaded eraser.

"Skribble" technique with Sharpie.

An ebony pencil drawing: studio model (thanks Stephen) oflandscape in park... darker areas are lower elevations and lighter are higher.

Charcoal drawing created by putting a layer of charcoal on the paper and then erasing out the figure and adding new layers of charcoal.

Charcoal drawings of the surface of models.

Conte crayon drawings of the mass of models.