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Final Project First Semester Second Year Anex to the Carnegie Museum

Fisher Studio

Artist Joseph Kosuth

When studying the ideas of Joseph Kosuth I felt that two of the main ideals that he has were the idea that the art isn’t the artwork but the idea behind, and that as context changes so does the artwork. So when designing this annex for him I wanted to create a building whose context could change with the artwork inside. So I used three systems in to allow the building to move and changes as does the artwork that would be placed in it.

The first system is canvases that could drape down to create different spaces that both separates people yet at the same time allow some type connection between them. The canvases would also block certain view of the surrounding context changing the way you see the artwork. At the same time the play of shadows and light on the canvas is another way you could change the type of experience you want the viewer to experience the artwork.

The second system working in the building is the floor panels (7’x7’) that can rise up from the ground floor and connect to each other to create a second floor or anything in between.

Above- Panels down at starting position

Below- Panels raised to different levels

Combination of the canvases and panels

The third and last is the glass exterior walls that can open and close. Allowing this not only allows a person to better connect with the context and surroundings but can also protect him or her from it.


Night (Front exterior)


Day (back)

Night (above)

Day (above)

Interior (second floor)

Interior (second floor)

By combining these three systems the building itself can change with its art work as the curators chooses it to.

Working Progress

Bottom of Hill

On The Hill

Side Table

Final Building Project