Summary of Written Comments

Many people would like the Post Office to do some "housecleaning" to get rid of unnecessary expenses - but they don't think cutting Saturday service is a good idea.

Survey participants were anxious to share their opinions about the use of e-mail vs. traditional mail for sending messages; 66% entered a comment in the survey form. The most common responses are summarized below, with the count of responses in parentheses (some people listed more than one idea, so the total is greater than the number of responses):

  • E-mail is faster. (16)
  • E-mail is more convenient. (12)
  • For personal greetings, people perfer a card sent via U.S. Postal Service! (11)
  • For getting business done, e-mail is superior. (6)
  • For contacting people who are far away e-mail is cheaper than calling.(4)
  • The ability to add attachments to e-mail is a big plus.(3)
  • Using an e-mail mailing list gets the message to a lot of people at one time.(3)

The main idea of many comments is that people are more likely to use the U.S. Postal Service when sending greeting cards or personal messages to loved ones. Nothing beats going to the mailbox to see if you've received a card or letter! BUT...people also mentioned that they probably wouldn't send as many personal messages if they didn't have e-mail. Reasons include the "fuss" having to get stamps, having time to get to the post office or a mailbox to send the message, and the fact that typing is easier than writing a message.