E-mail Specific Responses

What type of messages are sent via e-mail?

Comment: The people who responded to this survey overwhelmingingly use e-mail for sending personal messages (98%). A smaller group, (78%) use e-mail for business purposes.

How much do people pay for their Internet/e-mail connection?

Comment: The average cost of an Internet connection is about $19. The same amount of money could be used to purchase 55 first class stamps (34¢). Many people do not pay for their Internet connection and probably get this as a "benefit" of their job. Some people pay $50 per month to use the Internet and e-mail service!

How many e-mail messages do people receive each week?

Comment: People receive A LOT of e-mail messages each WEEK! The cost of first class stamps for 65 messages per week x 4 weeks per month would be $88.40.

How often do people check e-mail?

Comment: The majority of the people who responded check their mail at least daily, with 46% saying they check for messages several times per day.

Number messages sent: postal service vs. e-mail

People send more e-mail messages than "regular" mail messages. In addition, 68% of the survey participants use e-mail to send messages to people outside of the United States.

Where do people use a computer to read e-mail?

Comment: Most people read e-mail at home or at work. Very few people (2 of 41) said that they go to the library to read e-mail.

How long have people used e-mail?

About half of the people who responded have used e-mail for more than 5 years. People who use e-mail for business messages have, generally, used e-mail longer than those who do not send business messages.

Do people send e-mail greeting cards?

Comment: 78% of the people who responded use Internet sites to send e-mail greeting cards.