The Unofficial Guide to Configuring the OS X for Andrew is not supported by the Computing Services Help Center, but many people want to use it anyway. The following instructions should work, but I don't make any guarantees, nor can I provide any support. These instructions were created and tested on OS X 10.4.4.

These instructions assume you have already installed Kerberos for Mac and the CMU SSL Root Certificates. If you haven't done so, follow those links and install both of them now.

Launch by double clicking on it's icon. Assuming you haven't already set it up, you should see the following:

Click "Continue" and fill out the next page as follows:

You can set your name and email address however you prefer. This is what the From: line on mail messages you send out will be set to. For example, you can set your From: address to your CMU Name if you prefer that to your Andrew address.

Click Continue, and set up the incoming server name details:

For your user name, you should set it to your Andrew user id with a plus sign after it. (This is recommended because Apple's does not understand IMAP subscriptions. If you don't use the plus after your name, it will try to list _every_ bboard on the Andrew system, and you really don't want that.)

Leave the password field blank. supports Kerberos authentication, as you will see on the next panel. Click continue, and:

Enabling SSL on this page isn't necessary, but recommended so that people on the network can't snoop in on your email when you're reading it. Be sure to select "Kerberos Version 5 (GSSAPI)" for the authentication method.

Click Continue, and should try to log in to Cyrus. If you already have Kerberos tickets, it should take you to the next panel. If not, it will pop up the Kerberos login box:

Log in, and you should be taken to the next panel.

Set the outgoing mail server to, and check the Use Authentication check box. On this panel, you want to enter your Andrew user id without the plus -- sending mail doesn't require it (and won't work with it). Again, leave the password field blank.

Click continue, and it will verify the outgoing mail settings. Assuming all went well, you will be shown a summary panel. Click continue, then Done on the final panel, and should launch and run. It will probably ask you about importing mailboxes from another client (which you probably don't need to do).

You should now be able to read your mail, and access all of your subscribed bboards from Enjoy!