Psychology Quiz


Test your library and research skills with this multiple-choice test.  Click on the question number for the answer and an explanation of each topic.


1.  Which of the following branches of psychology is NOT an area of emphasis at Carnegie Mellon?


a.  Cognitive psychology

b.  Social psychology

c.  Counseling psychology

d.  Developmental psychology



2.  When was the American Psychological Association founded?


a.  1892

b.  1905

c.  1936

d.  1948



3.  Which of the following is an approximate synonym for the term “empirical”?


a.  rational

b.  universal

c.  theoretical

d.  experimental



4.  In the field of psychology, a literature review is


a.  a critique of a new book

b.  the study of the psychology of literary creation

c.  ranking of the year’s best  publications in psychology

d.  discussion of papers relevant to a topic



5.  Mental Measurements Yearbook is a well-known reference book in psychology.  What can you find in this book?


a.  Information on the structure of the brain.

b.  General information on psychology.

c.  Names of practicing psychologists.

d.   Descriptions of psychological tests.




6.  Which of the following libraries is at the University of Pittsburgh rather than Carnegie Mellon?


a.  Mellon Institute

b.  Falk Library of the Health Sciences

c.  Hunt Library

d.  Posner Center



7.  Which of these materials are listed in the Carnegie Mellon Library catalog?


a.  Titles of all physical items in the Carnegie Mellon collection.

b.  Journal articles in psychology

c.  All books published in the United States

d.  Working papers in psychology




8.   The most comprehensive database for psychology is



b.  PsycINFO

c.  MIT Cognet




9.  Which of these databases allows citation searching?


a.  PsycInfo

b.  InfotracWeb

c.  Web of Science

d.  Encyclopedia Britannica



10.  If an article is peer-reviewed


a.  It has been posted on the APA website

b.  It is probably too popular for an academic paper

c.  It has been turned down for publication

d.  It has been evaluated by scholars before being published




11.  Which of the following search statements would be best for finding articles on the development of the ability to recognize the human face?


a.  infants and mothers and facial expressions

b.  perception of patterns by children

c.  child development and face recognition

d.  infant development and emotional bonding




12.  What is an advantage of limiting a search to a particular field (author, title, language, document type, etc.) rather than searching by keyword?


 a.  It’s easier to think of search terms

b.  You can make your search more precise

c.  You can broaden your search

d.  It’s more like searching Google




13.  The SFX (GET IT) linking tool links


a.  Between websites

b.  Between journal articles

c.  From books to authors’ web pages

d.  From journal article citations to full-text



14  If you are off campus and want to use CMU databases and e-journals, you would use



a.  authentication with WebVPN

b.  Interlibrary loan (ILLiad)

c.  Course reserves (Cameo module)

d.  Blackboard



15.  True or false?  Only faculty and graduate students can use interlibrary loan.



16.  The Ask Andy link on the library website links to


a.  real-time chat and instant messaging with a librarian

b.  e-mail to a librarian

c.  telephone numbers for reference desks

d.  all of the above



17.  What is the APA format?


a.  A standardized style for citing sources in notes and bibliographies 

b.  The style used by the Modern Languages Association.

c.  A software protocol

d.  A Microsoft Word font



18.  Which of these does not require that you cite a source in order to avoid plagiarism?


a.  An exact quotation of someone’s work.

b.  A paraphrase of someone’s writing.

c.  A reference to information posted on a website.

d.  Statement of a commonly known fact.