Question 6

Correct answer is b) Falk Library of the Health Sciences




Carnegie Mellon and Pitt Libraries of Interest to  Psychology Students



Do you know where the major collections of books and print journals are located at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh?

At Carnegie  Mellon, most  psychology books and print journals are housed in the Hunt Library.



Materials in clinical psychology,  psychiatry,  and computer science are at the Engineering & Science Library, which is on the fourth  floor of Wean Hall.





Biological science materials are at the Mellon Institute Library on Fifth Avenue in Oakland.






At the University of Pittsburgh, most psychology books and journals are located in the Hillman Library on Forbes Avenue.  Carnegie Mellon students have borrowing privileges at Hillman Library.  For information on obtaining a guest pass for accessing licensed databases and e-journals at Hillman Library, contact a Carnegie Mellon  reference librarian.




Other useful Pitt collections are held by the Falk Library of the Health Sciences on Terrace Street  and the Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic Library on O'Hara Street.