Question 3

Correct answer is d) experimental



Reference Books for Psychology


Psychology has its own unique vocabulary.  These  dicionaries and encylopedias can help with quick look-ups and in-depth topics.




Access Science (McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Online)


Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development


Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of  Psychology and Behavioral Sciences


MIT Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders


MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences


Oxford Dictionary of Psychology


Penguin Dictionary of Psychology


Royal Society of Medicine Health Encyclopedia


Sage eReference



Thesaurus of Psychological Indexing Terms


The official APA guide to subject indexing terms used in PsycInfo.  The book is not available for free online, but you can use the thesaurus within PsycInfo to improve your searching.




Using the Thesaurus within PSYCInfo

Click on this subject icon at the top of the PsycInfo screen


Enter a word or phrase.  For example, “free recall.”


The Thesaurus provides a definition of the term, as well as broader, narrower, and related subject headings.  You can click on any of these links to launch a search (example below)