Question 15

Correct answer is a) authentication with the WebVPN



Accessing Carnegie Mellon Databases and E-Journals


Most of the scholarly databases and journals that Carnegie Mellon suscribes to are restricted to current students, faculty, and staff of the university.They are called licensed resources, because the Libraries pay an annual subscription fee for campus use.


If you are using a campus computer, you are automatically authenticated as a Carnegie Mellon user.The resource provider recognizes your IP address as belonging to Carnegie Mellon (an IP address looks like this:


If you are using an off-campus computer and service provider, you canít be recognized by IP address.You must authenticate by using the


Click on WebVPN and enter your Andrew ID and password.



You will be authenticated to use licensed resources as if you were on campus.


If you have problems connecting to a licensed database or journal, contact a reference librarian at