Question 13.

Correct answer is d) from journal article citations to full text.



How to Find an E-Journal or Full-Text Article at Carnegie Mellon


How can you find out whether a particular e- journal or article is available through Carnegie Mellon?


The Libraries get full-text articles and journals


  1. As part of database collections such as Lexis-Nexis, ProQuest, or InfoTracWeb.
  2. As individual journal subscriptions
  3. As part of a full-text journal collection such as Project Muse or JSTOR


Not all these journals are listed in the library catalog.


Carnegie Mellon uses a linking tool called SFX that consolidates these disparate e-journal holdings.  SFX works in two ways.


Linking from database citation to full-text.


If you find a citation in a database such as PsycINFO that you want, click on this button 




If the article is available full-text in another Carnegie Mellon database, subscription, or collection, you will be given this information and can link to the article or journal home page directly. 


For example, suppose you found this citation in PsycINFO



PsycINFO doesn’t provide full text, so click on the GET IT icon. You will get something like this





This article is available full-text through the publisher, Sage Publications.  Click on GO to get the PDF version.



Searching the e-journals A to Z List.


To find out whether a particular journal is available full-text online at Carnegie Mellon, use the e-journals A to Z List at


There is a link to this list on the Libraries website.


You can either browse the list alphabetically by title or type the journal title.  For example, here is a search for the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology




Clicking on the journal title leads directly to the home page of the e-journal.






If Carnegie Mellon doesn’t have access to the journal online, you will get this message:

Sorry, your request returned no records.

Try to find the journal in print at a local library or request a copy through interlibrary loan (ILLiad).