Question 11

Correct answer is c) child development and face recognition




Developing a Search Statement


Letís analyze each of the possible choices.


a.infants and mothers and facial expressions


This search statement does not represent the topic accurately.The topic is not restricted to mothers or to facial expressions.The concept of development is missing from this statement.


Hint: Before searching, write the topic out and be sure to include terms for all concepts and only those concepts.


b.perception of patterns by children


One problem with this search statement is that it is expressed as a phrase, which wonít work in all databases or catalogs. This search statement is also too general.The term perception is not the same as recognition.The term patterns is much broader than the term face.The concept of development is missing from this statement.


Hint: Donít broaden or narrow the concepts in the search, at least not at first.Search for exactly what you are looking for. Include all essential concepts in the search statement.


c.child development and face recognition


This search statement expresses all of the key concepts in the topic, and only those concepts.It is a good search to start with.


Hint: Start with a search statement that precisely expresses your subject and then modify as needed.


d.infant development and emotional bonding


This search statement is not on topic at all.Emotional bonding may be related to facial recognition (or it may not).They are not the same thing.


More Hints on Searching