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So back around the middle of June I was trying to figure out what the long term path might look like as far as course selection goes (and make sure I don't find myself forced into a 5th year because I missed some core requirement somehow) and I made a few charts to help visualize how deep I'd have to go in the chain-of-prerequisites to get to where I wanted. I have the ECE, SCS courses mostly charted and thought it might be useful to other people as well so I'm posting them. I also have partials on Biology and Chemistry but they were done first and so the formatting is all gaffed up and I haven't gotten around to making them conform to the way I have things on the ECE and SCS charts.

The SCS chart is compacted and there is no spatial relationship for course level (100/200/300) like there is on the ECE chart. I would have compressed the ECE one as well but the interrelationship is kinda hard to untangle to make a clean chart (and I haven't put that much effort into it since I finished it... mostly). There are some courses on there I couldn't find information on and there might be info on the CMU pages (I only used the UG catalog) but I haven't bothered to double check them yet. I'm not going to say they are completely without error, I'm sure there are typos in there, but they are mostly correct. Drop me a line if you see something though and I'll get around to changing it. If you have OmniGraffle and want to goof around with the original file, let me know and I'll send you a copy.


*** Update ***

I made a new ECE Chart. I haven't bothered with the other departments since they don't have as direct an impact on me.