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"This is perhaps the most dangerous place in Iraq..." - AP Correspondent Todd Pitman -

14 hours of DV footage, thousands of photos, and a lifetime of memories. These are the things I have to work with, plus a server/industrial strength mac workstation, and I really don't have much of an excuse to put off this project for much longer. Imagine a box set of DVD's with 45 minute to hour long segments that play out like a bad reality TV series, so you can reminisce (or groan) over the 9 months in Ramadi, those few years ago...

I'm going to try to keep up some steady work on this project over the 2010 summer. I really need to do something about this before I let too much time pass by and I forget what I was doing with it. I'll figure out an update scheme to keep info flowing and feedback going so I can hopefully have this done before school starts again, or at least be a good way along so I can finish up the details in the limited free time I will have available.

The intent right now is to do this episodically still. This seems best to keep the majority of the content in the videos. I'll start posting stuff by episode, progressing through summaries, story boards, ideas, clips, and final products. The step-wise method should help with conveying a sense of the project, as well as forcing me to keep taking small bites out of the work until I'm done. There shouldn't be too much need for heavy editing and fabricating media besides titles early on. Maybe if I keep up the idea of using different themes from tv shows as the motifs for each episodes, but I might not keep that up. The biggest hurdle right now is probably all those damn photos that are horribly duplicated in multiple folders and poorly tagged. Hopefully the date created information is still good so I can at least have some kind of framework for the original timeline.

ramadi satellite image

The city of Ramadi is the provincial capital of the Al Anbar province. It is located approximately 80 km west of Baghdad, and 20 km west of the city of Fallujah, also in the Anbar province.