Web Design
C, Java, Python
CSS3, HTML5, Javascript

About Me

Who I am

I design web experiences

Hi, I'm James, a current student at Carnegie Mellon University and an aspiring web designer and programmer. I am from North Carolina and a proud graduate of Enloe High School. Besides programming, I love sports including ultimate frisbee, tennis, badminton, table tennis and weightlifting.

The web can turn imagination into reality. I use Javascript, HTML and CSS to design websites. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Inkscape and Sublime Text are among my favorite design and development tools. I have also worked with Adobe Flex in the past to create a photo album web application.

Work in progress

Programming Fundamentals

I am currently working on an iPhone application that allows users to create interactive images that can be focused to any point in the image and an associated web application that allows for the sharing and embeding of these interactive focusable images.

I have sound Computer Science fundamentals from classes including Principles of Imperative Computation, Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science, and Principles of Functional Programming. I am experienced in programming with Java, C, Python and SML.