With CMU's Game Creation Society


A Smash-like, sports-centric, fighting minigame for the Carnegie Mellon University Game Creation Society's cabinet. While I was involved with all aspects of the game, I was primarily responsible for animating the art and programming attack and defense mechanics. This was a fun collaboration and a good introduction to making video games.

Dravet Shirt

A biometric shirt that uses LEDs to indicate temperature and physical activity level for a Dravet patient in real time. Currently, we have designed and fabricated working prototypes using Arduino, Adafruit, and Particle IoT boards and are testing a feature that writes the recorded temperature/activity information to a ThingSpeak channel.

Effects and Transitions

2D video transitions and effects created in Java for use in my anime music videos (AMVs). Programming my own transitions allowed me to better tailor the video to my specific needs and gave me new insights into video editing and image processing. (GitHub)


After the Door Closes (2020)

A chair puts a book away in a bookshelf. Created using Autodesk Maya. For Introduction to 3D Animation, with attention to rigging, animation, and some sound design.

Pixel (2016)

Pixel, the Stanford OHS mascot, doing a backflip. Created using Autodesk Maya. This project was my introduction to animation, with attention to bending of the legs and arms as well as the physical mechanics of the jump itself.

Letter SycoraX

(2018, for AP Literature and Composition)
In this video adaptation of an excerpt from Kamau Brathwaite’s Letter Sycorax, I used an internet chatroom and a proliferation of mosaic images taken from anime to visually depict Caliban’s spirit journey in a way that illustrates the depth of his emotions and resolve to develop a definitive voice. (See original post here)