About Me . . .


Hello Everyone. Welcome to my Wesbite...

I completed my PhD at the Computational Design Program at the school of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University.

My Masters Degree is in Computational Design and my Bachelor Degree is in Interior Architecture.

My work always tends to integrate architecture and computer science, as well as art and mathematics. I believe that art motivates technology and technology inspires art, and the most intriguing work is always a combination of both.

I am currently working at the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University on Project Olympus

I worked at the institute of Complex Engineering Systems on the co-construction project with Professor Susan Finger.

In addition to my research in computational design, I participated in numerous academic activities at Carnegie Mellon. I worked at the a research assistant for the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics; I participated in teaching three courses at the graduate level, I was a webmaster for several years,and I served in three committees. I also woked as an instructor for the summer internship for diversity program.

Whenever I have the chance, I pursue my interest in Calligraphic Art, as an extra curricular activity.