Harry Gifford

School of Computer Science
SMC-3814, CMU
Pittsburgh, PA 15289-3814

Cell: +1 (412) 354-7854
Mail: hgifford AT cmu DOT edu

I am an undergraduate in computer science at CMU. I am interested in machine learning, computer vision and graphics. My current projects involve feature learning, where we take raw data and attempt to find good, invariant representations of the data without requiring domain knowledge.


Multisampling and Motion Blur in a Ray Tracer.
Extended the idea of decoupled sampling to ray tracing and evaluated our approach's performance. Atulit Kumar, Harry Gifford

Course to fine K-means feature learning.
Accelerated K-means feature learning, by integrating a course to fine stacked K-means. Harry Gifford

Extending C0 to support data parallel operations.
Designed an extension to a safe subset of C to support safe data parallelism. Rokhini Prabu, Harry Gifford

Parallel Fluid Simulation using SPH
Implemented a GPU fluid simulator based on SPH. Luo Yi Tan, Harry Gifford

Older Projects

Please do send me comments about any of my projects. I really value input on my work!


I have TA'd a few classes in the past, listed below:

15-462/15-662 - Computer Graphics. Spring 2013, Fall 2013
86-675 - Computational Perception. Fall 2013
15-418 - Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming. Spring 2014
16-385 - Computer Vision. Spring 2014