Last updated December 1, 2014.
Leadership & Service
School of Architecture, Leadership

Attend ACSA Administrator's Conference, Philadelphia, 2014

Co-created and co-directed new "master of Advanced Architectural Design" (MAAD) program, 2014-present

Initiated and directed George P. Pauly Fellowship visiting faculty program, 2011-present

Initiated and co-directed study abroad trips to Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and India. Responsible for all budgeting, travel arrangements, local tourning, etc. (see courses taught)

Proposal for revised undergraduate curriculum, 2009


Studio Curriculum Revisions: lead studio coordinators of years 1-3 studios to unify, update, and revise studio curriculum. 2007-2008

Proposal for initiating a Thesis Studio at CMU, 2007

Proposal for initiating a “Framework” or template for documentation of all studio projects in School of Architecture, 2005. Studio documentation required for all students, school-wide, 2006 - present

Initiate “Highlights Review” for 2nd year studio, 2004. Implemented coordinated school-wide review, 2005-2008

Proposal for initiating a Design-Build course or program, including research on extant design-build programs at U.S. universities, 2004 

School of Architecture, Committees

Studio Curriculum Committee, member, 2009; propose revisions of CMU’s undergraduate studio curriculum


School Review Committee (SRC)


Presidential Advisory Board, Head of "Studio" and "M.Arch" committees, 2013-14


NAAB Accreditation/Prep Team, 2011-2012


Strategic Plan Drafting Committee, 2010-11


Admissions Committee: helped revise departmental admissions process to include interview and portfolio; interviewed prospective students and reviewed portfolios, 2006-2007, 2008, 2009


Architectural History Committee, 2002-present


Advisory Board: Co-Chair of “Integrated Design” committee, 2007


NAAB Accreditation: Chair Studio Committee; History Committee, 2005


External Relations committee, 2002-04; coordinate lectures, website, newsletter

Lecture Series, Coordinator of departmental lecture series, 2000 & 2003.

College of Fine Arts, Committees

School of Drama, Dramaturgy Faculty search committee, 2013


Dean's Research Committee, 2005-2008; committee to define, identify and promote research in the arts; begin process of creating an inter-disciplinary PhD program for CFA


CFA College Council, 2002-03, 2006-07

Center for Arts in Society (CAS)

Member, 2005-present


Speakers & Fellows committee, 2005-2010


Archive of Controversy: contributor to timeline regarding the Purnell Center

University Committees

Faculty Senate Executive Committee, 2014-15


Faculty Senate Member for School of Architecture, 2012-present


Faculty Senate Library Committee, 2008-present; chair 2011-13, 2014-15


Library E-Reserves Focus Group, 2007


University Education Committee, 2005

AIA Pittsburgh’s Foundation for Architecture (formerly “Architrave”), Regent, 2000-2004

Organize Pittsburgh Architecture Lecture Series (PALS)


Administer Foundation's scholarships, 2002-2004


Committee to create “AIA Guide to Pittsburgh”, required for AIA conference

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Reviewer, Journal of Architectural Education 68:2 (2014)


ACSA Faculty Councilor for CMU, 2007-2009


Nomination Committee for ACSA Northeast Regional Director, 2002


Reader/Reviewer, ACSA Conference, Los Angeles, 1999

Pittsburgh Architectural Club, founding member, 2009.

Building Addition for Colfax Elementary School. Successfully advised and organized PTO group on design and approval process of school addition, co-organized parent charette, 2005-2006.