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Professional Overview

Faculty Profile

Personal Statement

Complete CV

Scholarship: Book

Excerpts of manuscript Inventing Expressionism: Art, Criticism and the Development of Modern Architecture

Scholarship: Selected Articles

“The Anti-Mediterranean in the Literature of Modern Architecture: Paul Schultze-Naumburg’s Kulturarbeiten,” chapter 7 of J.F. Lejeune and M. Sabatino (eds.), Modern Architecture and the Mediterranean Ideal: Vernacular Dialogues and Contested Identities (London: Routledge, 2009)

“Das Neue Afrika: Ernst May’s 1947 Kampala Plan as Cultural Program,” to appear in 2009 as Ch.7 of F. Demissie (ed.), Colonial Architecture and Urbanism in Africa: Intertwined and Contested Histories (London: Ashgate, in press)

“From Object to Installation in Bruno Taut’s Exhibit Pavilions,” special issue on “Installations by Architects,” Journal of Architectural Education (JAE) 59, n.3 (May 2006): 63-70.

Scholarship: Selected Research Reports

Excerpts from research report “Architectural Restoration and Conservation (ARC) of Carved Wood Interiors,” 2 volumes (2005). Primary author of two-volume research grant report for the Enkeboll Foundation.


Craftsmanship: Select Examples

Teaching History: Select Course Materials

“Modern Architecture & Theory, 1900-1945"

“History of Architectural Theory”

“Frank Lloyd Wright”

Teaching Studio: Select Course Materials

“2nd Year Studio Fall”

“2nd Year Studio Spring”

Teaching Study Abroad

“Le Corbusier’s India” Study Abroad trip

“Venice: Fabric Analysis” Study Abroad Studio

Teaching Evaluations

Summary of all Faculty Evaluations

Evaluations for 48-340 “Modern Architecture & Theory 1900-1945"

Evaluations for 48-341 “History of Architectural Theory"

Evaluations for 48-341 “Frank Lloyd Wright"

Evaluations for 48-200 “Composition Studio Fall”

Evaluations for 48-205 “Materials Studio Spring”

Evaluations for 48-458 “India Abroad”