Image Progressions for the Big Target

Gillian Rosen / gtr / 16-311: Intro to Robotics

These are the image progressions for the 15" tennis ball target, the bigger of the two. Images for each distance are ordered as follows: base image, thresholded, dilated/cleaned up, segmented, centroids found.
Centroids are marked as orange-and-blue crosses in each blob. Centroids are only found for the tennis balls.

2 feet away
original B02 threshed B02
cleaned B02 segmented B02
centroids B02

Measured distance: 1.9995005 ft

4 feet away
original B04 threshed B04
cleaned B04 segmented B04
centroids B04

Measured distance: 3.9770425 ft

8 feet away
original B08 threshed B08
cleaned B08 segmented B08
centroids B08

Measured distance: 8.0809715 ft

16 feet away
original B16 threshed B16
cleaned B16 segmented B16
centroids B16

Measured distance: 15.9108815 ft

image progressions for little target
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16-311: Intro to Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2014