IJCAI 2016

Workshop on Multi-Agent Path Finding

10 July, 2016

Picture of Multirobot System

Submissions Due: April 18, 2016

Submission Page:https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ijcai2016wompf

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This workshop addresses the problem of multi-agent path finding where the goal is to compute a path for multiple agents from an initial configuration to a goal configuration without colliding with other agents, while at the same time optimizing a cost function such as total distance traveled. The past five years have seen the rise of provably correct algorithms for multi-agent path finding which can find optimal solutions to problems that were previously only solvable via heuristic methods. These algorithms fall into three broad categories; search based algorithms, which intelligently generate low-dimensional representations of the very high-dimensional multi-agent path finding problem; rule based algorithms, which compose simple behaviors to generate paths for even densely packed systems; and AI based approaches, which recast the multi-agent path finding problem as a canonical problem in AI for which advanced planners exist. The purpose of this workshop is to gather the foremost designers of multi-agent algorithms in each of these categories, and practitioners who operate large multi-agent systems in a common forum. Topics to be covered, but are not limited to, include

Submission Types Authors of papers published elsewhere are encouraged to submit these papers or short versions thereof to the workshop to educate other researchers about their approaches, as long as resubmissions are labeled appropriately to avoid copyright violations.

Organizing Committee

Primary Contact is Glenn Wagner.

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Previous / Related Workshops

AAAI-2012 First International Workshop on Multi-Agent Path Finding addresses the state of the art in the area four years prior. Given the importance of this topic, we felt it was necessary to have another workshop to both update the state of the art and bring practitioners of the field together for a day.