IC Robot Competition 2015

So you don't leave CMU without at least building one robot...,

The Challenge

IC Robot Competition

The RI Immigration Course Robot Competition is held every year on the last day of orientation for the purpose of challenging creativity/design, enabling teamwork, building relationships, and having fun. This year, the competition will be held Friday August 28th. You will have only 4 hours to design, build, and test your robot. The competition will begin promptly at 3pm in the Newell-Simon atrium.

2015 Challenge

This year, the challenge is based off the classic game of Mario Kart. The key idea is that you want to pop the other teams balloons before all of your own get popped. Unlike in Mario Kart, the balloons are not attached to your vehicle, but instead will be scattered around randomly in the playing field, fixed to the ground. The competition is not tele-operated. All robots must be completely autonomous. This means that you will need to use your sensors and algorithms intelligently to maneuver the field, pop the opposing team's balloons, and succeed in each match.

Picking Teams

You will pick your own teams of 4 students. You should try to balance the team with skills in software and mechanical design. Please form your teams on this spreadsheet by 10:00am Friday morning.

Competition Rules

A single match will face off two teams, one team with 5 white balloons and the other one with 5 black balloons. White team's goal is to pop the black balloons and vice versa. Your robot must be able to quickly switch between being on the white or black team. This means a quick code upload. You may start your robot anywhere in the field.

Teams must follow these rules. Any disputes may result in DQ of the match:

  • Robot must be fully autonomous after the match starts.
  • Robot must stay within competition area.
  • Robot may not intentionally try to damage other robot.
  • Match ends immediately at 2:30 minutes, any balloons popped after do not count.
  • If opposing teams want to place their robot in the same location, judges will assign random locations for both teams.
  • Any disputes are resolved and final by the judges (robros). No arguing with the judges!

  • The Field

    The playing field is a wooden octagon field with 17.5" length sides (on the interior). The walls are 7.5" high. There will be 5 black and 5 white balloons on the field in a 'random' fashion. The ground is a white poster board with black electrical tape that connects the balloons in a 'random' graph. The balloons are secured to the poster board with bead pulled through a hole in the board and taped on the underside. There is a circle of orange electrical tape around the base of each balloon.


    Each match ends when one of the following happens first: (1) all the balloons of one team have been popped or (2) two minutes and thirty seconds have elapsed. A team receives 1 'popped' point for every balloon of their opponents color that has been popped, regardless of who popped it. A win for the team gives them 2 match points, a tie gives each team 1 match point, and a loss gives a team 0 points.

    Software Requirements

    Each team is given a Lego NXT Robotics kit (#9797) along with an additional light sensor. The sensor suite you are provided will include:

  • servo motors (with encoders) (3x)
  • ultrasonic
  • sound
  • light (2x)
  • touch (2x)

  • The kit you receive is first version of NXT, but is compatible with the following software:

  • Lego EV3 (available for mac and PC)
  • Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (available for mac (up to but not including Yosemite) and PC)
  • RobotC (available for PC only)

  • You may use any one you prefer, but you are responsible for providing the computer. We will provide the USB cable to connect to the NXT brick.

    Tournament Bracket

    We will create the bracket and post it for you shortly before the tournament begins. Each team will compete in 3 matches within their group of 4 teams. The 2 teams with the most wins move forward to the single elimination tournament. The tie breaking order is:

  • Most number of match points.
  • Largest difference between popped points for all previous matches.
  • Most popped points for all previous matches.
  • Coin toss.
  • Confused? Watch soccer (fuuutbool), our bracket closesly follows their process.

    The RoBros

    Greg Colvin

    8' 5'' world traveller.

    Allen Hawkes

    Sleep is for the weak.

    Garrett Hemann

    Beer enthusiast.

    Simon Kalouche

    Entrepreneurial ping-ponger.

    Sam Yim

    Hawaiian climber.

    The RoBros are the winning team from the 2014 competition. They are also the ones who have organized this years competition. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of them during the week or at the competition.

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