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Takeout Doubles

Your partner's double is for takeout if the following are true:

  1. It was your partner's first chance to double the suit.
  2. It is not a double of no trump (a double of 1NT shows a solid 1NT opening, and is for penalties).
  3. It is a double of a bid below the 4 level.
The takeout double can show two different things:
  1. 13-16 hcp and support for the unbid suits, in particular the majors. The cannonical takeout double hand has 4-4-4-1 distribution. Note that this distribution, having no five card suit, cannot overcall. The doubler should plan to pass for the rest of the auction, unless forced by partner.
  2. 17+ hcp. In this case, the doubler should plan to bid again to show a strong hand.
The responses without interference are:
  1. New suit bid without a jump: 0-7 points, 4+ card suit, ``Let's play here.''
  2. 1NT: 8-10 points, balanced hand, good stopper in the doubled suit.
  3. Pass: 8-10 points, 5 good cards in oponents suit. A pass for penalties.
  4. New suit jump: 8-12 points. This is invitational to game. If the doubler has a good hand for your prefered suit, your partner will raise to game.
  5. Cue bid of the oponents suit: 12+ points. This is a forcing bid that says ``tell me more about your hand.'' With this many points, should be in game.
With interfernence, you are no longer required to bid, so a new suit shows 8-12 points. With 0-7 points, you may pass.

Over a takeout double of your partner's suit, jump shift bids and jump raises are weak (preemptive, long suit), a redouble shows 10+ points, and a single raise of your partner's suit shows 6-9 points as usual. Bidding a new suit without a jump shows 6-9 points, and it should be a good suit if you are entering the competitive auction at the 2 level. A 1NT bid shows 6-9 points and a desire to play no trump. If none of these bids fits your hand, it is okay to pass the takeout double even with 6-9 points: perhaps you'll be better off defending.

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