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1 level
8-15 pts 5+ card suit. (Note: weaker hand requires better suit, ie. for 8 pt hand, should have 2 of top 5 honors in suit)
15-17 hcp (as if opened originally with no interference)
2 level (non-jump)
10-15 pts 5+ card suit. See note under 1 level overcalls.
2 level (jump)
5-11 pts 6+ card suit. (most of points in suit bid) Same as an opening weak 2 bid.
7-12 pts, at least 5 cards in each of two lower unbid suits (example: This is called an Unusual No Trump bid.
3 level
4-10 pts 7+ card suit (no outside A or K, i.e. no A or K outside the suit bid). Same as an opening preemptive 3 bid.
4 level
Same as 3 level except a longer suit (8+ cards).

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