Defensive Bidding Lesson 1 -- Overcalling and Advancing

If the other side opens the bidding, then you can't open. Instead, you either Overcall or make a takeout double (described in the next lesson).

However, once the side has opened the bidding, your fundamental philosophy has changed. Unless the opening was a pre-emptive bid, you know that opener should have at least 13 points. That means that your side probably can't make game, and making game isn't your first priority. Finding a good trump fit is your priority. So, when you overcall, you aren't looking for a large number of points, but you are looking for some points and a good suit.

Basic Requirements for an overcall.

An overcall is made on a good suit of at least five cards, and should have at least some points. 8 at the one level, 10 at the two level and 13 at the three level is about right. However, HCP are second to suit quality. A good rule is one that states "The number of trumps + the number of honors in that trump suit should be at least equal to the number of tricks you are trying to take."


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