Lesson 2 -- The 2NT Opening and Responses

Well, since we've dealt with the 1NT bid, we'll add the 2NT bid next. The 2NT opening shows 21-22 HCP and a balanced hand. Most of the responses are quite similiar to the 1NT, but the point ranges have been shifted.

Signoff hands

Hands with 0-2 HCP signoff either by passing 2NT or bidding 3D, 3H or 3S with a 5+ card suit.

Stronger Hands

Any hand with 4 points will be in game. Note that hands with 3 points should be invitational...but there isn't room to invite. So a hand with 3 points should either consider itself a signoff or stronger depending on the hand evaluation. As with 1NT, a 3C bid is STAYMAN, asking for a four card major. Except that there isn't room to invite. See the summary.

What to do with 19-20 HCP and a balanced hand?

You are too strong for a 1NT and too weak for a 2NT opening. The answer is the 1 and a half NT. You simply open 1 of your longer minor suit (at least 3 cards), then jump in NT after partner's bid. This will be discussed more during lesson 5 (Minor Suit openings).


A 2NT Opening bid shows 21-22HCP and balanced distribution

Final Note

Players who use 1NT to show 15-17 HCP usually use 2NT to show 20-21.

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